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Claxton Thompson NABX monster!

blake wins aka

Blake wins the nationals.

pre event 08

Mysterious friends in the desert. NABX pre-event 2008.

Jose Sainz Lake Mojave

Jose' fires off some more pics, Lake Mojave secret spot.

Abdul Rahman

dean and Abdul Rahman.

LB and Tim

Lonely Bird takes the long walk. Escorted by Tim.


Mr. Modegi in Kuwait.

Olivia Blake

Olivia & Blake. pic by Robert Vreeland

Phil McConnachie

Phillip McConnachie and friend.

Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Peter & ScottScott pulls Tsune

Peter Lynn Scott Skinner.

Peter Lynn, Kuwait Mega Fly!


Saul Griffith, Dave Culp, Pete Lynn, Don Montague hard at work.

dean and Ben in timeout, Kuwait.

the amazing Billy Jones! Rasta!

Corey Jensen and Kat. photo by vreeland.


This page is dedicated to my friends in the kiting community who have put up with me for so many years, and still allow me to come around. Thanks to all. From each I've learned just a little bit more.