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Jelly AirForm No Ribs.

Jose Sainz fighter art-Jelly Air Form

Four Winds 200 Airform

Ghost Deltas-Marin Hills

Kite Dance

Scott Skinner/jordan airform Ivanpah Owl

for Dave Kennedy

Mort Linder's Kites on a Wire

Airforms Old and New. Wildwood 08.

Outleader pulls Gwendolyn Grace. San Francisco-07.

Mothra. LTA.

Red Line for Tal Streeter. First Flight. Dota.

Tim Elverston Pro.

Fabulous custom shirt kites!

Scott Skinners Geo Pointer.

Sippy Bird!

This is a special addition Millenium made for my pal Corey Jensen. photo by TimE.
delta delta kites
This is part of a six kite series I made for Wildwood.
delta delta kites
Here's a look at four of the flying together at St. Augustine beach, here in Florida.

I have a million pictures of kites, some better than others, but time to put them up, whoa!? None the less, we will continue to build build build this web site, it gives us energy!