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airform, j200 airform


airform, j200 jordan air airform


airform, j200, jordan airform, jordan air kites
Roger Hornne's great tribute to TC's Helicopter!
j200, jordan airform, jordan air kites

This kite by Kevin Reynolds is so awesome I'm providing a link to his webshots page of the build process!

j200,airform, jordan air form, jordan air kites


j200, jordan air form, airform, jordan air kites
The above picture is of Daryl W's kite! I love these kites and what people do with them! Do they fly? If you built one, please write and let me post your experience here!
j200, airform, jordan air kites, jordan airform
j200, airform, jordan airform, jordan air kites
Above is Mr. Spence Wikel's kite, from Pearland Texas who gets my constant donut references! I love the single tail and all the ways people have of figuring out the taper! The kite is called Ol' Blue and the tail wasted zero fabric!

j200 project


j200, airform, jordan air form, jordan air kites
First flight. Phillipe is giving us the thumbs up, after his first big kite build! I sure understand the feeling!

If your kite is up here and you took the picture or know who did, please let me know so we can put the proper credit up here. Also it would be lovely to have in your own words any thoughts about building, flying, showing, loving or hating the Jordan Airform kite. This page is dedicated to the many builders who have bought the authorized plans and keep the spirit of this one of my all time favorite designs alive and flying all over the world! Thank you very much! PS. by now you must know we offer plans for our 200, 100, and 50 Airform Kites!