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jordan air form jelly fish kite jordan airformCurrenttly for sale: 70 square foot Ribless Airform nicknamed the JellyFish. Very light weight, designed to fly at night. This is the kite pictured on the opening page(not the actual kite, that one was lost right after the photo was shot)and is one of three that exist in the world today. The kite is over 70 feet long! It is white color picks up the color of the sky. You can see how nice it looks from this shot taken near sunset at the community college here in Gainesville. All spectra bridle to keep the weight low. Built in 3/4 oz first quality Bainbridge cloth, all seams reinforced.

Price: $649.00 SOLD

I want to share with you the words i received from the current owner of this kite:

"dean, I have flown the kite 4 times now, so have over 5 hours air time. I flew it the first time in private, no spectators at all on a field in Tavares. The last 3 times have been at the beach in public, once late at night and then yesterday and today in the late afternoon until after dark.

Methinks you are going to have to rename the kite. In the moon light, in the day light, and in the light of dusk I have had people on each day and during each flight tell me the kite looks like a sperm. This evening there were a bunch of college students on the beach and I asked a group of three what they thought the kite looked like (given the experiences of the previous two flights) flying in the sky. One of the wee lassies developed a funny expression on her face when I asked the question and I guessed what she was thinking. Go ahead I said, tell me what you think. Somewhat sheepishly she replied a sperm. So there you have it, the Jordan Sperm ...... whale that is. Just kidding.

The winds this evening were very light. One of the fellows I buggy with asked me if it would go up, oh yes I said it will rise up high, and it did. I did not measure the wind but I am guessing it was in the 4 and under range as I flew a Flexifoil 6m Rage which I had to pump and work to keep in the air. The winds last night were in the 12 mph range and it flew just fine, the line was whistling and the tail shimmering, or maybe I should say 'swimming'."


thank you!

Meanwhile, i'm taking orders for large kites now, and building begins as soon as you say go!

These are the two new Airform 27's in their bags, ready to go!

White with red ribs, 27 square feet. SOLD!

The tail is 85 feet long, very nicely tapered the whole way! $240 free shipping! SOLD!

Red,Orange,and Yellow with Black ribs, this is another 27 square footer! SOLD

Flying very nicely near the University of Florida, this 27 square foot kite is one of two in the world, it was made by me, one at a time, along with the elves, who live here, in Gainesville, Florida. It has been flown one time for this photo,is made of all first grade quality 3/4 oz. ripstop and has an 85' long tail. It can be yours for $240 plus free shipping. photo credit for all above: Tim Elverston ©Free You® Mind™

Don't forget, at Jordan Air, if you can envision it, we can probably make it fly!

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