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Jordan Air Kites has a Blog!

NABX is the North American Buggy Expo. An anual event that takes place on the dry lakes of Nevada

WindFire Designs - A company of artists who also offer a fantastic kitesurfing kite repair and full paraglider repair service.

DOTA is our amazing kitefliers camp at Burning Man

One of the greats to kiting, and a long time friend- Ron Gibian.

Our friend Bob Childs, another pioneer in the kite game hosts our site. Check out Mad Moose Hosting!

Corey Jensen our longtime friend has an excellent online store, please say we sent you to Wind Power Sports! You can even get our airform kites there!!!

We also love to buggy! If you haven't heard of it, this is one of our favs! The Dead Bird Buggy Bash!

Celebrating their 20 years in business, Jon and Marieanne Trennepohl at Sky Burner Kites.

Our friends at the beach wish you would stop by! Extreme Kites!

Some of the most beautiful kites this side of the pond are by our pal Bazzer. This fine fellow makes one of a kind graphic art statements that must be seen. Glued to the Blue!

For all things kites, see Andrew Beatties site!

Our friends way down south make some pretty nice kites. Peter Lynn Kites.

We love Into the Wind, our friends in the Rockies!

Our friend Dan has been around for a long time helping kiteflyers, Wind Wizard!

We are also part of the Make movement, you can get started here!

Please think about joining the American Kitefliers Association!

This page has links that we feel are actually worth your while. Please let us know about dead links and suggestions for other content we might be interested in seeing ourselves. Enjoy!